Terelu, operated on for an oral disease: “The ordeal was worsened by my chemo treatments”

Terelu Campos He has been going through a difficult time since the death of his mother on September 5. While coping with the pain of losing her mother, she has now undergone surgery for a disease related to her gums that was aggravated by chemotherapy treatments for her cancer. “Right now, I am in a sprint after the oral surgery, which was performed last Wednesday, at the Santa Elena Hospital in Madrid.“he confesses.

“The time has come to tell you what happened to me, because I have been through an ordeal with my mouth,” the presenter writes this Wednesday on her blog. Readings. And he gives more details: “I have a periodontal problem or, so that everyone understands me, a gum disease. Something that logically It got worse with my chemotherapy treatments. and with the one I currently have, due to the issue of cancer.

The ordeal worsened a few months ago: “When I participated in Masterchef I started to feel worse. I have had moments of falling out a tooth almost while traveling. I have been holding on, as best I can, having a public job like mine in which the face, the mouth and the teeth are fundamental.” The intervention was planned for a few months ago, but everything became complicated: “When I had everything closed so that the doctors could see me and find a solution to this problem, Two days before my mother died and I had to stop everything“, remember.

The intervention, now, has coincided with her new professional challenge on TVE, in which she will share the screen with her friend Rocio Carrasco: “I will soon start a new adventure in Bake Off: Baked celebrities, a baking program. I have a terrible fear but, despite my fears, I would like to look good and go far. Let's see if I can eliminate that myth that my grandmother said: 'Good cook, bad baker'. It's not for nothing, but in my family we have always cooked very well. Now, making desserts is something else. Unfortunately, I have had little or almost no time to prepare for this new challenge“.

Alejandra Rubio's mother also has some words of gratitude for the medical team: “I want to thank Dr. Blanco and his entire team: Cristina, Emilio, Isidro and the rest of the staff who have taken care of me with all the care possible. About everything, in moments when I was scared and nervous. Thank you for supporting me in making the decision to undergo an intervention as serious as this.”

Finally, Terelu ends her letter by revealing how she feels a week after the intervention: “I got rid of all my teeth to put them all back in good condition. I am still in the recovery process. I'm still swollen and it's hard for me to talk.. They say it's normal, but it's not in vain that I spent seven hours in an operating room. I know that the result is good and provisional. I hope the final one is even more spectacular. Entering through the door of a hospital was a very complicated memory for me.“, sentence.