Terelu leaves the hospital with her nephew, José María Almoguera: a family united by María Teresa

After a long day in the hospital next to Maria Teresa Camposhis daughter Have him He left the Jiménez Díaz Foundation late this Sunday with his nephew, Jose Maria Almogueraand other relatives who have traveled from Malaga to Madrid to be with the veteran journalist.

The delicate state of health of the great communicator, at 82, has made it possible for some tensions between her loved ones to be put aside. In addition to the son of carmen borregohas also attended Belen Rodriguezwith whom the Campos sisters have not spoken for a year.

At the moment, the prognosis of María Teresa is reserved, within gravity, as reported by the health center in an official statement. The presenter was admitted urgently this Sunday due to a picture of “acute respiratory failure”.

A person who has been this afternoon at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation He explained to us in the midst of emotion that we are facing “very difficult times” for the “extreme seriousness” of the patient and warns that “the family is preparing for the worst news”. The presence of her most trusted person, Gustavo; and other family friendsas Rocio Carrasco y Fidel Albiacand above all, the faces of all of them and their silences, suggest that the state of the matriarch of the Campos clan is very worrying.