Terelu cheats on TVE with Telecinco to support her sister Carmen in Supervivientes

Dressed in a black suit and with a serious face. This is how it came back this Thursday Terelu Campos to the sets of Mediaset that I had not set foot on since last June 23 ended Save me, after 13 years of broadcast. The presenter, who looked for a place on Spanish Television to return to the television circuit and won a contest (Bake-Off Celebrities in the oven) and a gathering (Mornings), has ‘betrayed’ the public entity to support his sister Carmen Borregorecently arrived from Honduras after leaving Survivors by medical prescription.

She is in charge of telling Carmen the news that has devastated the entire family: the exclusive in which José María Almoguera y Paola Olmedo They throw daggers at Borrego after their separation. “There hasn’t been just one cover, yesterday another one came out with very unfair things, with lies, with painful demonstrations…”, Terelu began to tell. “Yesterday a new exclusive came out about your son Jose and his wife or ex-wife, many of us don’t know what it is right now. They justify the exclusive to tell the reasons for their separation but what they say about that topic is bullshit… “, keep going.

Terelu has held her sister’s hand to convey calm and has asked her on several occasions for temperance and care in her words. She has spoken little but has been very forceful in her messages: “For me this has been a disappointment. I have had my differences with Carmen but if there is one thing I boast about it is what a great mother she is.”, she said excitedly. “We have experienced many things because we are sisters and we have faced them together and there is an image of me, from a few months ago, telling Carmen ‘Not everything goes.’ With that I say it all,” she said.

Asked by Jorge Javier if, if she were Carmen, she would pick up José María’s phone tonight, Terelu was very blunt: “I am much more implacable, Carmen is much more generous. That is my answer.” And she unleashed a tremendous barb to close her intervention: “If María Teresa Campos were here and fully empowered, no one would have had the guts to do something like that.”