Terelu Campos’s plan to drown sorrows after the abrupt cancellation of ‘Save me’: “It was horrible”

Last Friday was a really dramatic day for Save me and its production company, La Fábrica de La Tele. The team of the afternoon program and its collaborators found out about the cancellation of the mythical Telecinco program by the press. Informalia advanced the information in scoop. The last day of issuance will be June 16 and, until the arrival of Ana Rosa Quintana in September, the afternoons will be occupied by a new program by Sandra Barneda.

Kiko Matamoros He has been the only collaborator who, for the moment, has spoken clearly about the cancellation of the program after fourteen years on the air: “Thank you for the love of so many good people reviled for seeing us. I am sure that you have been the cause of much happiness and balm of many wounds. Long live Save me!”, He wrote this Saturday as a thank you to the viewers.

Terelu Campos, on the night of this Saturday, shared a very significant post. He did so after enjoying the Copa del Rey final between Real Madrid and Osasuna, which ended with a 2-1 victory for the Meringues at the La Cartuja stadium in Seville.

“After a horrible Friday… Saturday arrived. My friend Javier’s birthday at noon and then the Copa del Rey final. We’ve won it! Happy, very happy, if only for tonight, which isn’t little Madrid, Madrid and nothing more than Hala Madrid”, wrote the presenter on Instagram, along with a photo wearing the white shirt while having a good drink, perhaps to drown the sorrows.

Save me it comes to an end, as we said, after fourteen years entering the houses of the Spaniards. The most emblematic faces of him are left without a job at Mediaset. Only María Patiño survives with socialite and Jorge Javier Vázquez, who at the moment has a contract with Mediaset until 2025. The future of Belén Esteban is unknown, although she already said that it would end on television when Save me term.

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The show has received both positive and negative reviews throughout its history, but it’s fair to say that it has been able to reinvent television and revolutionize the gossip like no other. Recent times have been difficult for the program, and for Telecinco in general, due to the audience data. Also due to the Code of Ethics of the new leadership, which after the departure of Paolo Vasile from the group prohibited entertainment programs from talking about politics (something especially complicated for Jorge Javier Vázquez and his claims) and certain characters such as Rocío Carrasco, Marta Riesco , Antonio David Flores, Gloria Camila, Ortega Cano or Rosa Benito. In the courts, those responsible have also faced serious problems for what is popularly known as ‘Operation Deluxe’.