Terelu Campos turns 58 overwhelmed by her professional future but happy for her daughter Alejandra

It has been a difficult few months and not only because of his mother’s illness, Maria Theresa Campos that, as Terelu herself has recounted, she has such significant cognitive impairment that she is practically distanced from reality. As Informalia has learned, Terelu lives in despair and anguish because since she finished Sálvame she is not clear about what her professional future may be.

Although it is true that she is one of the chosen ones who has traveled with The TV Factory to Miami, where the program has been recorded for Netflix, and that she will soon embark on another trip to record more chapters, after this project, the eldest of the Campos clan has nothing, unless it is known. The producer who made Save me It has approved projects underway such as Jorge Javier’s Chinese Tales and is studying others, such as a possible long edition and in prime time in the Deluxe style, but there is no record that Terelu is included in any of them. Thus, Terelu fears for her economic future in the near future.

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During the time her mother has worked in television, she has not lacked for a show to present, but after the departure of Maria Teresa things changed a lot for her. In fact, she started collaborating on Save me and even became a presenter for El Deluxe but, after doing the reality Las Campos reduced their role in Mediaset. His sister Carmen and she became characters and there was not a day that they did not become news.

Until everything exploded and Terelu decided to leave the program and go with Raul Prieto, who at that time piloted the evening magazine on weekends on Telecinco, now produced by Ara Rosa Quintana’s company.

That moment was very financially delicate for the ex de pipi road, that saw his salary reduced to less than half. Terelu held out for a few months, but then she was forced to return. She Even sold her penthouse and decided to rent!

Now something similar happens. Your expenses are not reduced, between rent, service, driver, nights out or dinner with friends. And his income has been reduced quite a bit. In fact, he has even considered participating in some reality, but finally he has declined the proposal. What the presenter does is knock on all the doors that she can. She has spoken with countless production companies, with Telemadrid, Antena 3, where she has been placed by her former director, Alberto Diaz, in the mornings of Public mirror, next to Susanna Griso, to carry the second part of the morning, and has even given an interview to the The world free to be seen. But for now, he has nothing.

This being the case, it is normal for Terelu to be overwhelmed despite the fact that she continues to write a weekly collaboration in Lectures That doesn’t add up enough to get you out of trouble. The exclusive in a swimsuit has solved his summer financially, but it would not be strange if he did some more shortly to get income again. She and Carmen (who is also selling swimwear covers to survive) are unclear about their professional future. However, Terelu is very happy for her daughter Alejandra, who has managed to carve out a niche for himself at Mediaset, where he collaborates in Fiesta and also in This is life. At least he has a reason (and surely many more) to celebrate his first 58 years in style.