Terelu Campos takes refuge in an 'ex' during her first Christmas without María Teresa Campos

Three months have passed since the death of the great Malaga communicator and her daughters are preparing to face the first Christmas holidays without their mother. While Carmen Borrego She takes refuge in her husband, Jose Carlos Bernalhis main support, have him He does it on his friends. Especially in one of them: Kike Calleja.

The reporter, with whom the TVE talk show host had a brief romantic relationship years ago, has now become one of its fundamental pillars. Also his wife, the former big sister Rachel Abad. This weekend, the couple supported Terelu during the birthday dinner of a mutual friend. She, delighted, shared an image and some words on social networks: “What a wonderful birthday dinner from my friend Paloma, whom I love so much. Merry Christmas to everyone!”

Just a week ago, Terelu also took to her personal Instagram account to announce that she had put up her Christmas tree: “It's a complicated year but I knew I had to put it up for her, because she liked Christmas,” she said, remembering to his deceased mother.

The presenter has dedicated herself to her work to overcome the grief over the loss of her mother. After debuting as a talk show host on TVE, she has signed on as a contestant on the new talent-show of the public chain, Bake Offwhere you will have to make complicated and tasty cakes with colleagues like Rocío Carrasco and Ana Boyer.