Terelu Campos returns to work after being hospitalized for pneumonia: “I haven’t smoked for nine days”

Happy and smiling, Terelu Campos has returned to work. We saw her on the DCorazón set this Sunday, March 17 after having been hospitalized for a few days with pneumonia. The eldest Campos explained that she is “better” and recalled: “I was quite scared, don’t believe it. I hope that when my doctor sees me he won’t scold me.”

Wearing a fluorescent orange shirt and showing his smile. Terelu has returned to work, after her hospitalization, as we first published in Informalia.

Carmen Borrego’s sister has explained that “respiratory, lung things… are not just anything.” About her smoking habit, “a bad and disgusting habit”, she has confessed: “I haven’t smoked for nine days, despite what others in other places say.” The presenter was referring to Alessandro Lequio, who shared a few days ago on We’ll see what Terelu had been seen in the hospital without a mask, wearing satin pajamas and carrying a cigarette.

Terelu has also commented on what it was like to be in the same room where her mother died: “Maybe things happen for a reason, I want to think that’s how it is”; and has assured that “at first it was a shock.”

Regarding what the moments were like prior to his admission to the medical center, Terelu said: “Now I am aware that I endured a lot at home. I made a mistake in eseither. I am never one to have a fever, I don’t use a thermometer in life. I have a low temperature: 35.8. I started with 37.5, then 38 and I held on. You should not collapse emergencies, but neither should you be excessively cautious.“.