Terelu Campos confesses something very 'Tinderesante' for her intimate relationships

have him Campos (58) He confessed this Sunday that he is part of a well-known dating application. The eldest daughter of María Teresa Campos has revealed that, one Sunday after many hours, her friends created a profile for her on a app where you can make several matches to find love. However, the presenter is more of a 'face to face' and has pointed out that You want to delete the app, but you can't delete your profile.

It was a Sunday after many hours“, Terelu said with a laugh on the TVE set. Likewise, Alejandra Rubio's mother clarified: “There is no way to remove me from the application, every now and then they give me the money for the fee. Every time I open the email I get a matchbut I don't like any of them“.

When revealing that she is part of a dating application, Pipi Estrada's ex has stressed that her face does not appear in her profile, since it only shows her eyes. “It's without my name, only my eyes can be seen“, he clarified.

Terelu is recovering from the death of María Teresa Campos, who died last September at the age of 82. After this setback, the presenter faced a complicated Christmas, where she noticed the absence of her mother more than ever. “I am facing the most difficult Christmas Eve of my life. “I don't know how I'm going to get through it because I know it will be a difficult night.”he stated Carmen Borrego's sister in the magazine Readings.