Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego, in their toughest moment, auction off their mother’s furniture in an antique shop

Since the matriarch of the Campos clan died on September 5, Carmen Borrego y Terelu Campos They have not been the same again. Almost two months after her death, they have faced one of the most difficult tasks of grieving: emptying their mother’s house.

It must be remembered that the Malaga journalist lived for rent in a 250-square-meter residence near her daughter Terelu’s, in Aravaca. She moved much of her furniture there after selling her Molino de la Hoz mansion in 2021.

Now, the Campos sisters have removed some of these classic-style furniture from this home (chairs, shelves, sideboards…) and have taken them to an antique shop to be auctioned, as the magazine advances. Week this Wednesday. The communicator already turned to this same antique dealer after putting her mansion up for sale in 2019.

That year, María Teresa already auctioned a Louis XIV-style console in gilded and carved wood with a starting price of 6,000 euros. The pair of this very special piece of furniture will now be auctioned by her daughters. Among the belongings that are also looking for a new owner are some paintings for which the veteran communicator had great affection. Carmen and Terelu, however, have taken other objects and personal belongings to their own homes.

The weekly also highlights that the presenter’s daughters are still paying the monthly rent for the house that they are now emptying. The journalist amassed a great fortune throughout her unparalleled television career but, as she confessed on several occasions, she was not a good administrator. The largest investments she made were in the Molino de la Hoz mansion, which she finally ended up selling, much to her chagrin.