Terelu Campos, admitted to a Madrid hospital since Saturday: we know why

Terelu Campos She is admitted to a Madrid hospital for pneumonia, as you have known Informalia scoop. The television presenter and collaborator has been at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation in the capital since Saturday night, where she is recovering from this respiratory condition.

The Fundación Jiménez Díaz University Hospital is the medical center where the Campos family usually goes when they have a medical problem. It was there where Terelu was treated for the cancer she suffered a few years ago and María Teresa Campos was admitted to that same place when she suffered a stroke. Likewise, the veteran presenter was also hospitalized, at the beginning of last September, at Jiménez Díaz, where she finally died on the 5th of that month.

Terelu Campos will remain away from her usual work on television for a few days, where she continues to be a regular on heart programs, although now she does it from the sets of TVE, after leaving Telecinco. Campos participates in Mornings, the morning show on La 1 presented by Jaime Cantizano. In addition, she is also a talk show host D Heart weekends.

On the other hand, Terelu Campos has been a contestant until a few days ago Bake Off, the public channel’s baking program that, starting this week, will air on Tuesday nights. In this case it is a format that was recorded months ago.

The hospitalization of Terelu Campos coincides with the premiere on Telecinco of Survivorswhere he competes Carmen Borrego. In fact, last Thursday the moment when Terelu celebrated Carmen’s jump from the helicopter to begin her adventure in the Cohinos Cays went viral. YesIt is unknown if the program will inform the contestant of her older sister’s health status.

Terelu talks about the death of her mother and reveals her last phrase

A few days ago Terelu Campos visited the program that Bertín Osborne presents on Canal Sur. The collaborator spoke about her mother, María Teresa Campos, and confessed that she “deeply missed.”

The last days of María Teresa Campos alive were very painful for the entire family, according to Terelu, “I asked the Virgin to take her away“, he stated. “She was very bad. The worst disease is that of the mind, the brain devoured it from the inside and consumed it from the outside.he wasn’t fed,” he explained.

Terelu believes that her mother “knew she was leaving, despite the terror she had of death.” “Ten days before he looked at me and said: ‘I can’t take it anymore’. And I have that phrase engraved inside me”the presenter confessed to Bertín Osborne,