Terelu and Carmen Borrego fulfill María Teresa Campos’ last wish: to rest forever with her mother and sister

The daughters of the beloved communicator are already in Malaga to pay tribute to her in the land where she grew up. This Monday, Terelu and Carmen They have fulfilled the last wish of Maria Teresa Campos: deposit his ashes in the Church of La Paloma to rest with his mother and sister.

They arrived at the temple dressed in black, very sad and accompanied by Carmen Almoguera, José Carlos Bernal (daughter and husband of Carmen) and Gustavo, the driver, to deposit her mother’s ashes next to those of her grandmother Concepción and her aunt Leli, to whom the journalist was especially close. Just a few minutes later, too Jose Maria Almoguera and Paola Olmedo (Carmen’s son and daughter-in-law) also arrived at the church with little Marc in the stroller, demonstrating, once again, that they have forgotten their quarrels to unite in these difficult times. Alejandra Rubio, who has received harsh criticism in recent days, She is the only granddaughter who has not been able to travel to the Andalusian city to accompany her mother in her final farewell to María Teresa Campos.

After several hours inside the church, the Campos family left the sanctuary visibly defeated and headed home to rest and prepare for the funeral, which they will celebrate in the church of San Pablo late this Monday.