Ter Stegen as a symptom

Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of Barcelona continues in front of the ship counting that will leave at the end of the season by much motion of censure you have raised. He maximum representative of Barcelona, ​​far from paralyzing the club in anticipation of what may happen at the end of the month when the referendum should be held for the motion of censure, keep going with their government plans. And the renovation of Ter Stegen it can be taken as the clearest symptom of this attitude.

As published on its cover Sport, the president of Barça has started the final phase of the conversations with German goalkeeper Marc-André Ter Stegen to extend the contract from the goalkeeper until 2025. The talks had started at the beginning of the year, but were stalled by the health crisis.

Ter Stegen has a contract with Barcelona until June 30, 2022 and from the club they consider him a key piece for the immediate future. his clause is 180 million euros, but his salary is in the medium-low fork of the squad, especially when compared with that of other LaLiga goalkeepers such as Oblak or from Courtois or the goalkeepers of the Premier as From Gea.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

The intention of Barcelona is to improve the economic conditions of the Dutch goalkeeper and also extend the contract in an operation that would be similar to that of Mirotic in the section of basketball in which I would adjust the amount to pay for the time so that Barça can face the expense. It is known that the economy of the Blaugrana team is not going through its best moment and that as a solution it is proposed pay the contracts over a longer period of time.

According to information from Sport, the Bartomeu's idea is close this renewal as soon as possible and leave it as one of his last legacies, but it is still a symptom that for the president life goes on and what is there to keep the club running within the normal parameters despite the institutional storm unleashed with the vote of no confidence.