Tennis player Ellen Pérez mocks criticism of the Australian Open quarantine

The quarantine that tennis players are serving in Melbourne and Adelaide before the Australian Open is leaving us with numerous controversial episodes with criticism from several players because of the demanding measures of the Victorian Government.

However, there are some players who have charged against tennis players who have criticized this strict quarantine. One of them has been the Australian tennis player Ellen Pérez, who published a video on her social networks ironing out the situation she lives.

In the video Pérez appears swimming in the bathtub in his room with the clothes he wears to train. “My body hurts and there is no better way to recover than swimming. Guys, how hard it is to breathe in here! There is no air! I can't live like this, I can't do this! And look at my hair, now I'm going to having to wash alone. What a mess “, Pérez commented, in a clear allusion to the criticisms of Vanessa Sierra, Bernard Tomic's girlfriend.

As a result of the repercussion that the video had, Pérez herself had to go out and clarify her objective with this publication, in which she assures that it is not a mockery of Novak Djokovic. “I have seen articles where they say that I make fun of Novak Djokovic in my paparazzi video and that's not true! All Australian Open hotels have media around trying to capture images of the players in the window and I was making fun of from the fact that I am nobody because I have no paparazzi. It seems terrible to me. I'm also getting a lot of criticism from Novak fans. They are very loyal and passionate and I would not really dare to make fun of him. Please forgive me, I am innocent! “