Tennis breaks out against Djokovic after Dimitrov and Coric coronavirus positives

The news of the positive in COVID-19 of Grigor Dimitrov on his return from playing the second date of the Adria Tour organized by Novak Djokovic Zadar has not done well in the world of tennis, which is still trying to restore the circuit to normal after the coronavirus pandemic.

After the images of apparent normality that both Djokovic and the organizers of the Adria Tour wanted to show during the celebration of the first two appointments, with soccer games, basketball games, parties, public events and hugs as well as bringing together more than 4,000 fans in a pandemic, several tennis players have harshly charged towards the Serbian figure as a result of Dimitrov's positive and More critical voices are expected after Borna Coric, another Adria Tour player, announced Monday that he has also tested positive. in coronavirus.

One of the great rackets that has been pronounced has been the Australian Nick Kyrgios, who wondered if in addition to Dimitrov other rackets present on the Adria Tour had been tested. “Dimitrov has the COVID-19. Have Dominic Thiem, Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev also been tested?” Kyrgios questioned himself, that after learning the positive in COVID-19 of the Croatian Borna Coric, he attacked the tournament again. “It was a crazy decision to go ahead with the exhibition. I wish the guys a speedy recovery, but this is what happens when you ignore all the protocols. This is no joke.”

More critical was the American Mitchell Krueger, who harshly charged Djokovic with the message “Stellar Leadership” and the hashtag “if you know, you know”, referring to Djokovic serving as president of the Players Union of the ATP circuit.

Noah Rubin was also very critical, lamenting the lack of responsibility of the players present in the tournament. “I hope Grigor will get through it without problems, but this highlights the risks I said last week and the doubts I have about the circuit. It is not right. It is reckless and disappointing that tennis had to face this risk. “

He also joined the protests Andy Roddick, who responded to a tweet in which Dimitrov appeared alongside Djokovic and other players present on the Adria Tour hugging each other and at off-track events with the message “Apparently there is a pandemic …”

Anger over the positive from Dimitrov also reached the women's circuit. American Sachia Vickery was blunt. “Where are those Djokovic fans who attacked me last week when I said that health had to be prioritized before the amount of public that we could take to a Grand Slam?“We will have to wait to know Djokovic's response to these last episodes that could become a new obstacle to the return of tennis.