Tenerife surprises Almería

A goal by Álex Bermejo in added time added to Almería again in lament after a game in which the rojiblancos went ahead on the scoreboard, but CD Tenerife managed better, with dominance in the first half and knowing how to be in the second (1-2).

The locals started better and, based on speed, managed to get ahead on the scoreboard with a great action between José Carlos Lazo and Darwin Núñez. However, Tenerife's dominance paid off in a penalty by Fran Villalba that transformed Luis Milla.

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In the second part, Almería had more presence, taking advantage of the left lane to try to harm a Tenerife with less output, somewhat timid, but still with the ability to handle when he had the ball due to the indecisions in defense of the rojiblancos.

After Balliu's expulsion, Álex Bermejo took advantage of the goal opportunity he had to give the points to his team and hit the rival.

The first part had two phases, although the one with the most control of the ball was held by Tenerife, who was surprised in a loss in the front of the Almería area that ended with a dizzying career by Darwin Núñez, after a measured pass from Lazo , to overtake the Indian team in minute 6.

Tenerife, which had arranged a scheme with three centrals, varied its formula to defend on a line of four, although it continued trying to impose its management through dominance of the midfield to have superiority and look for the equalizer on the scoreboard.

The Baraja team had their arrivals, with one of Lasure being too crossed, arriving in the first quarter of an hour and another by Luis Milla, in the 18th minute, in which a good service from Álex Muñoz and Fernando anticipated to avoid the call.

Anyway, Tenerife had more ball, he knew how to use it to commit an uncomfortable Almería again, unable to have his options. In the 34th minute, in a steal from Darwin Núñez the second could arrive, but the assist for Lazo was sent by the Sanluqueño over the crossbar.

And the possible 2-0 went to a draw, after a clear penalty by Fran Villalba when he cut with one hand a shot by Aitor Sanz after a corner. Luis Milla was in charge of executing it in a perfect way to set the tables and take over the game even more until the break.

In the second half, the match shifted a bit towards Almería, especially after the entry of Valentín Vada and Juan Muñoz. Tenerife, however, was the owner of the second plays. In a red and white loss, in the 65th minute, Luis Milla finished off badly over the crossbar, when the game turned back and forth.

The indálicos, entering from the left, had two chances, one first from Darwin Núñez, to the center of Iván Martos, and another double from Juan Muñoz and Iván Balliu who crashed into the defenders. Tenerife began to suffer a little more than Almería, forced to make changes to close spaces.

Even so, Almería encircled the area of ​​a Tenerife that gave the feeling of being content with the tables, with few arrivals. Balliu's expulsion encouraged Tenerife and in the 92nd minute a ball hung by Moore to the area was touched by Javier Muñoz and fell to Álex Bermejo, who knocked Almería down with his goal, without time for more.

Data sheet:

UD Almería: Fernando; Iván Balliu, Maras, Juan Ibiza, Jonathan Silva (Iván Martos, m. 37); Petrovic (Valentín Vada, m. 61), César de la Hoz; José Corpas (Arvin Appiah, m. 86), Fran Villalba, Lazo (Juan Muñoz, m. 61) and Darwin Núñez.

Tenerife CD: Ortolá; Alberto Jiménez, Sipcic, Lluis López (Javier Muñoz, m. 72); Moore, Aitor Sanz (Undabarrena, m. 84), Luis Milla, Álex Muñoz; Joselu (Bermejo, m. 84), Dani Lasure (Isma López, m. 72) and Dani Gómez (Jorge Padilla, m. 61).

Goals: 1-0, m. 6: Darwin Núñez. 1-1, m. 36: Luis Milla, from a penalty. 1-2, m. 92: Álex Bermejo.

Referee: Sagués Oscoz (Basque Committee). He admonished César de la Hoz (m. 27), Fran Villalba (m. 36), Juan Ibiza (m. 47) and José Corpas (m. 83), from UD Almería, and Álex Muñoz (m. 59) and Undabarrena (m. 85), from CD Tenerife. Iván Balliu (m. 90) was sent off with a red card for a stomp on Luis Milla.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the thirty-eighth day of the SmartBank League played at the Mediterranean Games Stadium.