Tenerife and Deportivo tie a bland clash that does not satisfy either

He CD Tenerife and RCD Coruña
tied in the final stretch a nondescript and uncertain meeting that made their respective coaches unhappy, the people of Tenerife for failing to hold onto the Promotion, and the Galicians for not leaving the relegation.

Two shots on goal in the first minutes of the game, one from the local Aitor Sanz and the other from the visitor David Simón, with separate rejections from the goalkeepers, augured a more than entertaining and, above all, contentious confrontation, but these auspices not only did not they were consummated but the rest of the time went smoothly.

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A strategic foul executed by Milla allowed Aitor Sanz in the first minute of the game to drop a great shoe, but Dani Giménez, well placed, put his fists to clear the ball, while a swift foray by Simon by his band followed. with a strong shot that Ortolá sent to corner.

These two attempts seemed to satisfy the players of both teams, since the rest of the offensive baggage carried out by both the rest of this first part was without foundation, with a bland game, focused more on preserving the ball than on transferring it with danger to the near the rival area.

Thus ended this first period without changes in the scoreboard, although in the restart it was the Galicians who came out with insistence and, in addition, danger, but they always ran into Ortolá's gloves.

The Japanese Gaku was the first to try from a long distance, and shortly afterwards it was Merino with a spike, but on both occasions Ortolá managed to send the ball to the corner.

These two actions gave way to a slightly calmer phase on the part of both squads, although it was the people of A Coruña who persevered the most to find the goal, with Christian Santos as the main instigator, but his frank shot in the seventy-third minute in front of Ortolá sent the keeper to the corner.

Moments later a controversial takedown in a jump in the Mujaid area over Joselú was deemed punishable by the referee, Luis Milla taking charge in the eighty-third minute to convert the corresponding penalty into a goal.

But when the match was approaching its final moments, Aketxe's goal came that rewarded the collective effort of his team, a wrong clearance by Alex Muñoz allowed the attacker to hit the ball hard from the edge of the area to equalize the match again.

Data sheet:

1. CD Tenerife: Ortolá; Luis Pérez, Lluis López, Sipcic, Alex Muñoz; Shaq Moore, Aitor Sanz, Milla, Álex Bermejo (Nahuel, m.57); Dani Gómez (Mierez, m.21) and Joselu (Undabarrena, m.84).

1. Sports: Dani Giménez; David Simón, Mujaid, Bóveda, Álex Bergantiños, Salva Ruiz; Hugo Vallejo (Aketxe, m.57), Gaku, Uche (Borja Valle, m.24), Mollejo (Emre Colak, m.69); and Sabin Merino (Christian Santos, m.69).

Goals: 1-0, M.81: Luis Milla, from a penalty. 1-1, M.90 + 1: Aketxe.

Referee: Miguel Ángel Ortiz Arias (Madrid Committee). He expelled visiting coach Fernando Vázquez for protesting (m.84), and also admonished local Aitor Sanz (m.54), and visiting Mujaid (m.81).

Incidents: Match of the thirty-seventh day of LaLiga SmartBank played at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium without spectators.