Ten facts about the Spanish GP in Montmeló


The show returns to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya this weekend with the 33rd edition of the Spanish Grand Prix, a track that has already won Max Verstappen, the top favorite to win the title this year, and Fernando Alonso, who he won in 2006 when he was world champion and that he dreams of adding his second victory in Barcelona, ​​the 33rd of his career.

Thus, we review the ten most relevant data of an authentic GP and fixed in the World Cup calendar for more than three decades. Is it a favorable layout for Sainz? Will repeat the ‘pole’ Leclerc? Will Verstappen continue to impose himself with authority?

-It is the 33rd GP that takes place at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Of the 32 previous editions, 29 winners have started from the front row of the starting grid, and only one has won outside the first two rows: Fernando Alonso in 2013, when he started from fifth position.

-Spain is the second Grand Prix where Red Bull has achieved the most points in Formula 1 (356), only behind the 397 harvested in Monaco.

-Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin) has finished on the podium in five of the first six races this season. In only two of his 20 seasons in Formula 1 has he managed to climb to the drawer in six of the first seven races of the year: 2005 (6/7) and 2006 (7/7), when he was world champion.

-Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin) has been on the podium 7 times at the Spanish Grand Prix, the second GP in which he has achieved it the most times, only behind the Brazilian GP (8).

-Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) has scored points in each and every one of the eight Spanish Grand Prix he has contested, although he has never been on the podium.

-If Carlos Sainz or Charles Leclerc get on the podium in Spain, Ferrari will have achieved its 800th podium in the history of Formula 1.

-Max Verstappen has been on the podium in six of the seven editions that he has run with the Austrian team in Spain (2-1, 2-2 and 2-3), but he has never achieved pole position.

-Max Verstappen (Red Bull) is on a streak of 25 consecutive Grands Prix in the points zone (since Emilia-Romagna 2022), the fourth-longest streak in Formula 1 history.

-Max Verstappen has finished each of the last 25 Grands Prix he has contested in Formula 1, equaling the best run by a Red Bull driver (Ricciardo, Max Chilton and Sebastian Vettel).

-Charles Leclerc got pole position last year at the Spanish Grand Prix and could become the first Ferrari driver to do so in two consecutive editions since Michael Schumacher.