Tebas: “The risk of the Saudi League in the medium term is that they want to play in the Champions League”


The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, assured that the Saudi Arabian League “is not a risk for European football”, although he warned of the danger “in the medium term” that the Asian competition “will put a million on top” to play in the Champions League. , at the same time that he confessed that the general director of Real Madrid, José Ángel Sánchez, warned him in a meeting this Thursday not to claim “victory” with the white club’s complaint against the employers for the income from the commercialization of the rights television broadcasts rejected by the National Court.

“Spain is the market in which they have invested the least money since Saudi Arabia, not in number of players. It does not concern us today, but it concerns us. To make a great league you have to do many more things than signing great players. It is much more “The history of the competitions and the clubs is important. Today we do not see the Saudi League as a risk in European football in general,” said the president from the LaLiga headquarters after exposing the limits on squad costs after the summer market.

However, Tebas does believe that the Asian competition can pose a danger “in the medium term” if “one day they say they want to play in the Champions League and put a million on it.” “Ceferin has already said that he would not accept it, but, faced with a significant amount of money, would Al-Khelaïfi’s ECA clubs accept it or not?” he asked.

Regarding Real Madrid, the president of LaLiga confessed that, in the meeting prior to the presentation of the new salary limits with the clubs, that José Ángel Sánchez had been “as nice as always.” “He told me ‘don’t sing victory, there are still resources,'” he revealed, after the National Court rejected this Wednesday the complaint filed by the white team against the employers and Tebas for alleged corporate crimes in relation to the criteria for distribution of income from the marketing and exploitation of television rights.

“There are comments that we are in decline, but without foundation. Regarding the future value of our audiovisual rights, it does much more damage to create the Super League and mess with the rights than for Benzema to leave,” he said.

However, he did not hesitate to recognize Real Madrid player Jude Bellingham as “the player in the best shape in the world.” “Nobody expected it, they are the surprises that the competition gives us, which makes the players better,” he highlighted.

Furthermore, Tebas analyzed Valencia’s economic situation, arguing that its financial state responds to the fact that “during Covid, it did not qualify for the Champions League and lost tens of millions.” “You have less income and you stay with the same players. And when Peter Lim arrives, he had to face a series of capital contributions. On a sporting level, it is a great club and we would like there to be social sustainability, for what it means Valencia at a national and international level,” he added.

Finally, he responded to the words of the RC Celta coach, Rafa Benítez, who assured that LaLiga “rewards teams that have the resources and do not manage them very well, because they make mistakes, and penalizes teams like Celta, which has made a exemplary management”.

“Rafa comes from two models, one in China and the other in England, with total losses. Ours is clear, you spend what you earn, and you know it perfectly. If they want more investment, they will have to do it another way,” he concluded.