Tebas, the CSD with a lawyer after Casillas' visit to Lozano

The president of LaLiga, Javier Thebes, has appeared on the morning of this Tuesday at the headquarters of the Higher Sports Council and has requested access to various documents that he has been reviewing in the company of the lawyer who has accompanied him. Thebes has criticized the decision of the Secretary of State for Sport to advance the elections in the Federation (RFEF) and Prepares a complaint for prevarication against Irene Lozano.

The visit of Thebes and his lawyer to the CSD It occurred only 24 hours after Iker Casillas complained personally to Irene Lozano about the electoral advance. His decision provoked a harsh reaction from Thebes, who in his social networks attacked the president of the CSD: Goals not only get into a soccer field, they also get into the resolution of the RFEF electoral advance. @lozanoirene It is not true that there is no date for one of the primaries in UEFA, least of all in Eeero 2022. Where does this new information come from? ”writes Tebas on Twitter.

LThe Federation will approve this Wednesday the electoral calendar. Your Delegate Committee, which chairs Luis Rubiales, will propose to open the electoral period on March 25 and hold the elections on June 8, although it is highly foreseeable that appeals and complaints will delay the elections, which would be held in full Eurocup, if UEFA keeps the tournament dates despite the coronavirus and does not postpone it until the summer of 2021.