Tebas: “I would like the Government to be much clearer regarding the Super League”


The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, stated this Thursday that he would like the Spanish Government “to be much clearer” regarding the issue of the Super League, a project in which he was not surprised by the format presented hours after hearing the ruling. of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) and that it would be “economically unsustainable” if he offered his matches for free, asking “not to deceive people.”

“I would like the Spanish Government to be much clearer regarding this issue. If it does not have such a clear position, we will wait, they will have to evaluate the ruling, but there will be no Super League in the short, medium or long term, legally not It will be possible. Yes, I have seen some statements from Isabel Díaz Ayuso congratulating Florentino Pérez, I think they forget that the community has Atlético, Rayo, Getafe and non-professional clubs to which the Super League does a lot of damage,” Tebas assured. at a press conference at LaLiga headquarters.

In this, the leader continued analyzing a ruling where he believes that the CJEU's statement was “somewhat unfortunate because it does not clearly reflect some of the issues” and pointed out that the format that 'A22' presented after hearing the ruling is “a bit more open than that of 2021” and that had not surprised him.

“We knew for more than a year that they were going to come with this format, it is a Super League that is less hidden, but just as lying,” warned the lawyer, for whom “it is impossible to reverse” the English clubs competing. “If any team signs up (for the Super League) it will be another profile of clubs,” he added in this regard. “They have explained the format, but not the governance model, I suspect that it will not be one club, one vote, because Florentino Pérez does not like that. The richest will vote more than the less rich,” he continued.

The leader insisted that this process still has “much further to go at the judicial level” and that his phrase about Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, never losing had become “a reality”, although he considers that “he has lost a lot.” “They had sold us that UEFA was going to be condemned for monopoly and that the Super League would be there tomorrow, and that is not the case,” he remarked.

“If Real Madrid and FC Barcelona want to hold a competition outside the UEFA-FIFA environment they can do it tomorrow, that is not prohibited, but they could not have income from playing in the Champions League. Wanting to stay in the ecosystem by leaving has consequences at an economic level. “Time will prove us right,” he explained.

Tebas said that this Thursday there was no discussion about whether UEFA held a monopoly that for him was “indisputable” and that the ruling “was not exactly what 'A22' proposed.” “That, by the way, Real Madrid has not wanted to show its face,” he ironically said.

In this sense, he does not think that Real Madrid needs the Super League for financial reasons because its situation is “correct”, while FC Barcelona is “in a good dynamic of change and only has a few phases left to be stabilized.” “I think that Real Madrid has made a profound strategic error in how it should fight against the club-states and against the Premier,” he explained.

“Laporta has always tried to dialogue on this issue, but European football cannot be built by the richest or those with the most assets. I hope he has understood that the dialogue is within UEFA or LaLiga,” highlighted the president of the employers' association. clubs that warned that “football is free” despite Florentino Pérez's words about a new era of freedom for this sport.


And regarding 'A22''s message of offering all matches for free, the leader sees it as “economically unsustainable.” “Instead of closing the bar at 5:00, they have closed it at 7:00, that is something that someone who seems to understand audiovisual rights cannot say (Bernd Reichart, CEO of the company). I raise my bet to 1000 dinners if “It is given on a free platform, but it is not worth a game, not even a second. That is not possible in audiovisual rights that in Europe generate more than 13,000 million euros,” he stressed.

In addition, he clarified that he had not called Reichart “drunk” on social media. “I was referring to a fun atmosphere, but he is lying when he says that it will be free, it should be a very festive atmosphere. That is a lie, this CEP has been lying constantly, you cannot deceive people,” he said about Reichart, who “possibly not know” where the financing for the project is going to come from.

Finally, asked about the comparison with the Euroleague, he warned that “the difference in business is abysmal” and that, as he understands, “it is not a profitable economic model” and that “they are at odds with each other”, while regarding his appearance alongside Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, with whom he has always been very critical, hours before, he recalled that on this occasion they agreed “on an important issue.” “I am not a sectarian to defend the common good, that is why we are legitimized to say what we say, when we confront each other, we confront all those who do not comply with the rules,” he concluded.