Taylor Swift, the support that Joe Biden is looking for to prevent Donald Trump from returning to the White House

The overwhelming career of Donald Trump To return to the White House he does not stop either before the courts that condemn him in some states or before the pending processes; much less against his rivals in the primaries, whom he devastates: after the withdrawal of Ron DeSantis, who has renounced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States, only remains alive Nikki Haley. Joe Biden, who will be about to turn 82 when the elections are held in November, takes the threat from the Republican representative, four years his junior, very seriously. Polls have shown Biden trailing Trump and many Democratic voters are reluctant to back him again.

Unless the judges do his job and prevent him from running for president in any of the 91 trials that confront the controversial tycoon with Justice, Joe Biden knows that to stay in the White House he will have to propose creative and very effective campaign strategies. , in addition to ensuring that in these ten months his management at the head of the country does not take away his votes. Polls say that Biden has lost popularity both because of his economic management and because of his support for Israel's invasion of Gaza. The situation in the Middle East, where Americans have already fallen, is very delicate. Therefore, it is important for Trump's rivals to tarnish the rival's image as much as possible. Democrats repeat that Trump's return would be a “mortal threat” that would destroy “American values.”

279 million followers on Instagram

But in addition to subtracting from the enemy, it must add. Biden seeks to gain massive support and The New York Times reported this week that he wants to count on Taylor Swift to campaign in his favor to mobilize the Democratic vote. Two facts: it has 279 million followers on Instagram and in September it managed to get 35,000 people to register on the electoral roll just with a publication in which it encouraged young people to register to vote. It's about getting the most influential singer to publicly endorse her candidate. At 34 years old, she is considered the John Lennon of today, she was named Person of the Year by Times and has already received requests from the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, for her to actively join Biden's campaign. “Her position is elevated and unique,” Newsom said of America's biggest pop star.

In her country, the singer from Pennsylvania is considered a kind of Messiah to follow, a sociological phenomenon that surpasses the power of any other artist of the moment. This week Newsweek published a survey according to which 18% of voters in the United States declare themselves “significantly more likely” to vote for a candidate who combines his image with that of Taylor Swift.

There are dozens of analysts and experts in image or marketing who advise having the support of Taylor Swift to join politics and they assure without reservation that with her Biden has it easier as long as the singer makes public her sympathy for the current president . In 2017 The Guardian described the artist as “an envoy of Trump's values.” But four years ago, Swift already revealed that she supported Biden. She said it in an interview with V magazine and she also published photos of cookies with the name of who was then the Democratic candidate and was fighting to dethrone Donald Trump.

Taylor Swift left her native Pennsylvania at just 14 years old to move to Nashville (Tennessee) and prepare in the country capital for her musical career. She was later seen as a figure not exactly far from the so-called most traditional values. The truth is that in the 2016 presidential elections she did not support any candidate. It was in the 2018 legislative elections when she supported two Democratic candidates who ran for Tennessee. Taylor criticized Trump for “blatantly misleading and endangering the lives of millions of Americans” during his handling of the pandemic. Already in 2020 she announced her support for Biden in 2020 and in the last four years she has defended values ​​that unreservedly distance her from Trump, such as standing for LGTBI+ rights. She also expressed her radical opposition when the Supreme Court annulled the right to abortion. However, and apart from the debate on the legality of terminating pregnancy, she does not usually adopt positions considered polarizing.