Taylor Swift is already a billionaire: the figures that demonstrate the unstoppable empire of the singer about to turn 34

Taylor Swift He has built an empire. Each of his movements generates a wave of reactions, his songs triumph in reproductions and getting tickets for his concerts is a unique challenge that requires patience and preparation. In fact, this was demonstrated by Massachusetts legislators, who this year introduced a bill called the Taylor Swift Act to ban the use of bots when purchasing tour tickets and protect buyers from exorbitant resale prices. Well, if all this commotion is translated into figures, the result reveals that, on the verge of turning 34, Swift is already a billionaire.

The prestigious economic publication Bloomberg has certified it through an extensive report that reviews the fortune amassed by the American interpreter. The publication states that Swift’s assets exceed 1 billion dollars, which translates into 946.7 million euros. The investigation is based on the economic data that has been confirmed – it is very likely that the investment gains could not have been accurately recorded, taking into account the value of some assets, such as clothing or jewelry, or Swift’s involvement with some companies and various projects.

The Eras Tour, the composer’s most important tour – in three hours she reviews the greatest hits of her career – has sold around 700 million dollars in tickets, the price of which is around 250 euros. After paying the corresponding taxes, the artist will keep half, and to this we must add the 164 million dollars that her tour in the United States and Canada, brought to theaters, has raised in just two weeks, or the sale of the merchandising, with t-shirts for $45 and sweatshirts for $75. For its part, the Pennsylvania artist’s team has received more than $50 million in tips.

Bloomberg has added the value of the music that he has re-released since 2019 – three years ago the songs he published began to belong to him, starting to re-record his first albums, which he lost because of his manager -, which revolves around 400 million dollars ; next to the shows of him, reproductions in streaming on the main platforms (120 million); its five houses (about 110 million); and the copyright from the sale of his music (80 million).

These figures add up to nothing more and nothing less than 1,080 million dollars. According to Forbesthe composer reached a net worth of 740 million dollars a few months ago, but The Eras Tour will continue to give her, after five years away from the stage, very good results: it is estimated that, at the end, it will raise close to 500 million Dollars.

In 2019, the winner of 12 Grammy Awards had a catalog worth around $400 million. However, beyond what was obtained with the tour, Bloomberg estimates that the singer will reach 1,000 million based on what she obtained with the royalties -the amount paid to the owner of a right, especially the author of an artistic work or the holder of a patent, in exchange for permission to exercise it-, his last four albums, the release of the new album, 1989, and the two that he hopes to re-record. The artist is in constant movement, which invites us to think that, after 17 intense years savoring her fame, many – many – joys await her.