Tavares: “Not all players are qualified to be at Real Madrid for many years”


Real Madrid center Walter Tavares recognizes his “immense pride” in wearing the shirt of his club, with which he has recently reached the symbolic figure of 500 games played, something “unimaginable” when he arrived and for which not all players are ready. “qualified” to get in a club where their “ultimate dream” is to win all the titles in one year.

“Every time I put on the shirt it’s as if it were the first time, it’s a source of pride and happiness every time you step on the field wearing white. For me it’s an immense pride to represent this shield and represent Real Madrid,” he said. Tavares, who turned 500 games last Thursday in the Euroleague clash against Partizan, in an interview with the club’s official media.

The African did not imagine adding so many games when he arrived “because coming and fitting in at a club as big as this is very difficult.” “I knew it, but I didn’t think it was impossible, I knew what I had to do on my part, which was to try to work and start from the smallest detail to be able to help the team,” he stressed.

In any case, the international warns that “not all players are qualified to be here for many years.” “For me, completing 500 games, playing almost every year, is something unimaginable for me,” Tavares remarked.

The Cape Verdean believes that reaching a figure like this “means being a legend” and being part of a club of players “who have marked an incredible history during their past, who have taken their career very seriously, who have been very consistent during their career.” for a long time”. “I always try to fight to be consistent, to always be at the highest level in every game, in every training session, so that one day I can be like them. I still have a long way to go, but I hope one day to be in the same place as them,” he expressed. about the possibility of reaching or getting closer to players like Sergio Llull, Felipe Reyes or Rudy Fernández.

The center is “happy” to be in “the best team in the world”, with which he has yet to renew and in which he has “always” tried to “enjoy every moment as if it were the last.” “Being in a team like this is a dream,” admits the Real Madrid player. “If I have made him very great, welcome, that is the objective of a player when he arrives at Real Madrid, to try to increase his legacy,” he added.

“Right now we are also experiencing an incredible time, with many victories, breaking the Euroleague record for victories. The team is on the rise, we won the Euroleague last year and we came very close to winning the Endesa League. I think this year We are also on a good path, with two trophies, and I hope I fulfill my ultimate dream, which is to win the four titles in one year,” added the Cape Verdean.

He praises the current coach, Chus Mateo, who “brings out the best” in him “by understanding” what he needs “to do things well on the field.” “He is a very close guy, who every time he notices that I am not at my best, he always comes and supports me, he tells me not to worry, to be patient,” confessed the ‘5’, who always tries to be “at 200 100%” because that is what “a club like Real Madrid demands” and also being “prepared to win the game because the opponent is always going to be 200% as well.”

For Tavares, reaching 500 games “is achieved through work, being consistent every day and teammates who are very good,” and he does not forget that the support he receives from the fans, which means that he is doing “a very good job”, nor the role of his family. “They help me and encourage me a lot, it’s the disconnection when I’m not playing and that for a player is very important so that later when they step on the field and go to train they do so with a clean head to always give their best,” he said.