Tana Rivera 'stands apart' from her mother and stands up for Cayetano Martínez de Irujo and Genoveva Casanova

The daughter of Frank Rivera y Eugenia Martínez de Irujo She has become the new muse of bullfighting and already acts as such. After presenting the poster for the San Isidro Fair last day 1 in Las Ventas, he attended the 1st edition of the Andalusia Bullfighting Prize, held this Friday in Seville. From the hand of her stepmother, Lourdes Montes, She is He has shown his kinder side and has even given his opinion on the latest family controversy, which concerns his uncle. Cayetano Martínez de Irujo y Genoveva Casanova.

“People criticize a lot”said the young woman. “I haven't seen Genoveva's report but I think it's very good that my uncle defends her. They have children in common and I think they love each other very much and are very fond of each other.”, Tana added, standing up for the Count of Salvatierra, with whom her mother has not spoken for months. With these statements, the young woman shows that she is on the margins of the confrontations between the Alba brothers: “Of course yes, I maintain a relationship with both of them, Cayetano and Genoveva, I don't have problems with anyone.”

He also distances himself from the attitude that Eugenia Martínez de Irujo has taken in recent months, refusing to speak about Cayetano publicly. “Do you know what happens to Cayetano? He takes advantage of the fact that the rest of us don't talk,” is the last thing the Duchess of Montoro said about him. It was in October: “We are very fed up with what he does and he has played against us. We are all outraged with what he has done. I no longer want to know anything about him. He has trampled on us. And everything will work out, but let him leave us alone.” , sentenced after the lawsuit from the Ministry of the Environment came to light for alleged illegal wells on three properties they share.

New life in Seville

Tana moved to the capital of Seville a year ago and is happy with her boyfriend, Manuel Vega. Nor does he intervene in the conflict between his parents, Fran Rivera and Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, since the former attacked his ex on the program. Friday. The relationship between them had been cordial in recent years but the right-hander's words angered the aristocrat so much that on February 1, during the presentation of the bullfighting poster starring her daughter, she didn't even speak to him if she wanted to. .

The young woman maintains an excellent relationship not only with her parents but with both of their partners, Narcís Rebollo (with whom she has even worked) and with Lourdes Montes, to whom she dedicated some nice words on her last birthday: “Thank you for taking care of me, for always making me feel at home, thank you for your advice, for our endless talks. I wish you all the best in the world. I love you,” Tana wrote on January 21 on social networks.