Tana Rivera makes the jump to the rings as the image of the San Isidro Fair and forces the reunion of her parents after the controversy

Surprise in the San Isidro Fair 2024. This Thursday the festival poster will be presented and the protagonist is none other than Tana Riveradaughter of Frank Rivera y Eugenia Martínez de Irujo. A great fan of bullfighting, the young woman descends from a bullfighting family (her father, her uncle Cayetano, her grandfather Paquirri and her great-grandfather Antonio Ordóñez) and she embodies the youth and tradition of the festival.

There are few details that have emerged so far about the new muse of bullfighting and her most anticipated image, but it will be Lorenzo Caprile who has dressed her for the occasion. It was Tana herself who chose the designer, one of Queen Letizia's favorites for big occasions and also her mother, the Duchess of Montoro, with whom she has a deep friendship.

In fact, Caprile is one of the curators of the exhibition Fashion at the House of Alba which was installed last November in the Liria Palace. Eugenia herself has dressed as Caprile on numerous occasions, such as at the wedding of her nephew Fernando Fitz James Stuart, two years ago, or at the fun 20s party that she organized last December, where she wore original pieces that had been exclusively lent by the designer.

It is not the first time that Tana Rivera jumps into the 'ring'. In 2021 she was the godmother of the Corrida Goyesca, which her father manages in the mythical Plaza de Ronda. She then also trusted Lorenzo Caprile and wore a fantastic red dress with ruffles on the sleeves and neckline, tight waistband and fluid skirt that she combined with a white mantilla and Manila shawl with turquoise embroidery.

The reunion of his parents

This Thursday the poster for the San Isidro Fair is presented. It will be a very important and emotional moment for Tana, as she will be accompanied by her parents. This is the first meeting between Fran Rivera and Eugenia Martínez de Irujo after the interview that the bullfighter gave on television and which caused a lot of discomfort in the Duchess of Montoro, whom he accused of having beaten him during the fight for custody of their common daughter. . The aristocrat's anger was such that she did not attend the Lourdes Montes show during Flamenco Fashion Week in Seville, something she had done in previous editions.

Some political personalities will attend the event, such as Isabel Diaz Ayuso (president of the Community of Madrid) or the mayor José Luis Martínez Almeidaas well as big names in bullfighting, such as Manzanares, Talavante and Borja Jiménez, who have also posed for the poster (in the background) with Tana. Ramón García will be in charge of directing the event.