Tana returns to the Las Palmas call

Two games later, Pepe Mel again 'remembers' Tana. Thus, the Gran Canaria midfielder has been included in the list of expeditionaries that this same noon travels to Albacete, where Las Palmas plays tomorrow, fourth game after the break, at 20:45 insular time, at the Carlos Belmonte stadium. For the appointments before Almería and Lugo he had been left out due to a technical decision.

Another novelty in the call is the meeting of three goalkeepers, guaranteed passage for Álex Domínguez, as in the past up to Almería. They fall from it Sanctioned Fabio and Aythami Artiles, as well as the injured Drolé, Raúl Fernández, Álvaro Lemos and Cristian Cedrés, although the latter already has a medical discharge.

The complete list of expeditionaries it is the following:

Josep, Valles, Álex Domínguez; Mauricio Lemos, De la Bella, Álex Suárez, Mantovani, Curbelo, Dani Castellano; Aridai, Benito, Narváez, Fede Varela, Javi Castellano, Galarreta, Kirian, Tana, Srnic, Pedri, Josemi. Haro; Rubén Castro, Cristian López and Clau Mendes.

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