Tamara Falcó’s weight gain is related to an “ovarian treatment to have children”

The controversy generated by the striking retouching of the thigh of Tamara Falco in one of his photographs of his great trip through Indonesia he does not stop. The Marquise de Griñón now admits that she has gained weight: “I have gained weight because of inigosays the daughter of Elizabeth Preysler. It is not ruled out that before his wedding he will touch up again. Doctor José Manuel Gómez Villar pointed out this Saturday in the program that he presents Emma Garcia that the reason for Tamara’s weight gain may be due to “ovarian stimulation in order to have children”.

The daughter of Carlos Falco She is not addicted to touch-ups, but at 41 she has already had a nose job, her cheekbones have been marked, her lips have increased in volume, and some experts point to a possible blepharoplasty.

“You’re a little plump”

The intra-story of the image of Tamara on the motorcycle in Bali happens, according to what was told this Saturday in Fiesta, by the team of marketing of the aristocrat, who retouches the light photos and polishes details of her client. It is the team that decides motu proprio retouching the leg of the photo, that is, the person responsible for retouching Tamara’s photo is not her, “because she would not have done it that way,” said one of the Telecinco magazine attendees.

But this miniscandal It has not disrupted the wedding plans at all, which are going from strength to strength: “Tamara is happy, delighted and in love,” he explained in the evening space Aurelio Manzano, who dared to make a comment to her friend about her physical appearance: “You’re a little plump”, Told him. Tamara has gone through several stadiums because she also “has a thyroid problem,” recalled the Venezuelan. “I’ve gained a little weight, because since I’ve been with Iñigo, it’s true that he really likes to go out, cook, eat and we go to a lot of meals. But Onieva exercises a lot and burns everything, while Tamara exercises like that: fitness and some weights. “The first thing Íñigo did as soon as he arrived from Bali was to go running at El Retiro at 6 in the morning,” he said. saul ortiz in Fiesta.

In the program that presents Emma Garcia they commented that “those extra kilos can be due to ovarian stimulation in order to have children”, as explained by doctor José Manuel Gómez Villar.