Tamara Falcó’s mother-in-law assures that her family was “threatened by ETA”: “We fled at dawn”

Very discreet with her private life and tiptoeing through all the controversies that have surrounded her son since he became famous thanks to Tamara Falco, Íñigo Onieva’s mother He has given his first interview in which he has offered some surprising headlines.

Carolina Molas It belongs to a Basque family originally from Amorebieta, especially recognized in the industrial world thanks to its dedication in this sector. In fact, Molas has worked since 2001 in a company that was founded by her father, Cemevisa, which is responsible for the distribution of household appliances to more than 5,500 clients among small and design stores. Following the death of her parent, Carlos MolasIn 2014, Carolina became CEO of this company.

Tamara Falcó’s mother-in-law has granted Forbes her first interview since she is somewhat known. In it he does not talk about his beloved Íñigo. Nor from her daughter, the actress Alejandra Onieva. Of her role as mother, she limits herself to saying, as the Sonsoles Ónega program has shown for the first time: “I was a very young mother. At 25.” However, she does give more details related to her family past: “My father was threatened by ETA. We fled at dawn.” In this sense, she adds: “My family was exiled by ETA. We had to move to Madrid.”

Carolina, as we said, is very secretive with her private life. One of her worst media moments came as a result of the famous video of her son kissing another woman at a festival in Nevada. While her son remained ‘hidden’, she went in and out of the house facing questions from her fellow reporters. On July 8, she was one of the most elegant at the wedding of the car designer and the Marchioness of Griñón. Her relationship with her mother-in-law, Isabel Preyslerhas also been the subject of rumors in the media in recent years.