Tamara Falcó's impressive home tour going through the checkout: her antibacterial countertop and the “Prince Harry” book

Barefoot around her house, with a great look of pants with an ocher knitted sweater, Tamara Falcó takes the home tour on her networks with Porcelanosa. Hostess, theatrical and very smiling, the Marchioness of Griñón tours her kitchen in front of the cameras of the company of which she is an ambassador. The networks have fallen in love with his relaxed look.

Tamara is very proud of her countertop. To present her house, the Marchioness of Griñón has worn the same tones of gold and bright ocher to match the natural stone and the kitchen. “I go here barefoot, which I love My mother hated it, but I have loved it since I was little and I have underfloor heating here. so great“, began his presentation in the video.

My favorite part of the house is the kitchen. Evidently. Porcelanosa made it for me“. Tamara told us about her fires and the antibacterial countertop, in front of an impeccable living room and the micro detail to “be comfortable when friends come over (…) What I like most is being here and watching series with Íñigo and Jacinta (his dog)”.

He has also said that the last book he has read is the “Prince Harry, I'm really liking it.” Immediately afterwards and after passing through the guest bathroom, “with marble, which turned out beautiful”, he arrived at his bedroom.

A suite with dressing room and dressing table. “My bedroom gives a lot of peace and is very clear. The house is full of whims.

And I have a bathtub, which is essential for me. I love taking long baths after a day of work.“. The bathtub, he said, has “tinted gold taps.” A dream.