Tamara Falcó, to sleep (one more night) at mother Preysler's house after whining in 'El Hormiguero' against the press

Rumors of crisis between Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva They have grown seven months after they said “I do” in El Rincón. The Marchioness of Griñón said in The Anthill who reads “fake news all the time” and when asked directly about the latest information about the two, said: “There are people who think they have the right to look from the street with binoculars. I've had the press all week, and yes… “They watch from the street with binoculars. It should be banned. I could sue them, but I don't want to waste energy on it.”

Isabel Preysler's daughter said that she is very overwhelmed by the media interest that she arouses on a personal level and that she herself feeds her exclusives (very well paid) to her leading magazine. “I try not to let this overwhelm me. I have moved to a place where I enter with my car, no one has access to me, I have the gym in the building… I don't hide but I do protect myself“.

After her statement on the most watched program on television (in which she also frequently talks about her life with Íñigo and some issues such as the setbacks she had before her wedding), the sister of Ana Boyer and Enrique Iglesias did not She went to sleep in her attic in Puerta de Hierro, the home she moved to after marrying the Madrid businessman last July. She went to Mom Preysler's house, in the same neighborhood, for one more night. Rumors of a crisis between the two grew after it was published that they were involved in a fight in public and precisely also because of the days in which Tami stays over at her mother's house.

In this regard, part of Tamara and Íñigo's entourage came out in defense of both through journalists from Telecinco: “Tamara has been in work meetings all week and many of them are held at Isabel's house. Many days she stays at her house “Not only are they fine. They are super happy.” Others pointed out that “Tamara is still very much in love and she would have decided to swallow with certain habits of Íñigo. Before she did not agree and now she has decided to swallow.”

Not many months ago, Tamara herself – who complains about the media exposure of her private life – opened the doors of her new home in Puerta de Hierro, those of the penthouse that she bought off-plan at the end of 2020, to show many of the rooms of the house to a decoration magazine and in the process talk about her and Íñigo Onieva and how delighted they are with their new life and the home. Once again, I'm talking about her personal life.