Tamara Falcó reveals the scare her mother had with Ana Boyer when she was a child: “They started hitting her and she didn’t react”

Tamara Falco (41) look back. After the controversy over her luxurious penthouse in Puerta de Hierro, which they had to decorate with plants for privacy reasons, the Marchioness of Griñón recalled this Thursday in The Anthill like his mother, Isabel Preysler (72) she faced trips when she and her brothers were little.

“So that we wouldn’t disturb the rest of the plane, my mother gave us a few drops. Once, we traveled to Marbella. When we were going to get off the train we realized that there was no way to wake up Well (the youngest of her brothers, daughter of her mother’s last husband, Mario Vargas Llosa). They started hitting her to see if she would react and nothing,” she recalled. “That’s when my mother asked the uncle Miguel how many drops I had given him. She told him that ‘the ones you had told me, 18’. But she shouldn’t have given him 18, it was 8. She didn’t wake up until eight in the afternoon, “said the socialite with a laugh on the ants program.

The controversy with his attic

It must be remembered that a few days ago, the daughter of the queen of hearts got into a big garden when she said that her one and a half million euro penthouse was not entirely suitable for her. So much so that she installed numerous plants on the roof to protect herself from the most curious.

“The house I bought has beautiful views, but everyone could see me. So I put up plants. And they called it botanical blockade because the paparazzi can’t take photos of me,” he explained. Likewise, Enrique Iglesias’ sister added: “It is a very modern house. It is really made so that you can be seen from all sides. It is very pretty, but maybe it is not the best for me.” After her words, the architect of the attic, Joaquin Torresbecame very angry, to the point that the two ended up having a private conversation in which she asked for forgiveness.

This is Tamara’s famous attic

Tamara took a big step in 2020 when a penthouse worth one and a half million euros was purchased as a project in Puerta de Hierro, near mother Isabel’s house. After marrying Íñigo Onieva in July of this year, the house was not yet ready because the marchioness decided to renovate it to make it completely to her liking.

The penthouse, with an avant-garde design, has three bathrooms, four bedrooms and two terraces totaling 186 square meters. One of them also has a swimming pool. The rooms have great light thanks to their huge windows.