Tamara Falcó reveals the B side of her millionaire penthouse: “There is a neighbor who is bitter”

Tamara Falco He moved at the end of last November to his new apartment, a house located in Puerta del Hierro, the same neighborhood where his mother lives. Isabel Preysler, and that it is tailored to meet all your preferences and those of your husband, Inigo Onieva. However, all that glitters is not gold, and since he moved he has already experienced some problems.

The Marchioness of Griñón has spoken in her last interview with the magazine Hola about how she experienced the first weeks of living together with her husband, with whom only a month ago she presented the million-dollar penthouse that they commissioned from the architect Joaquin Torres. According to Falcó, they are both very happy with the home, but they have already experienced some friction with the neighborhood.

Carlos Falcó's daughter affirms that his neighbors are, in general, “super discreet, kind and very polite.” Even children are “a joy” because they bring a lot of joy. However, not everyone brings her the same well-being, since a woman who lives in the vicinity of her house does not make things easy for her. “My neighbors go to their party, although there is an old lady who is bitter,” has been sincere.

The collaborator of The Anthill He hasn't intimidated her “enough”, but a few days ago she was returning from the dog park and the neighbor told her: “I'm sick and tired of you leaving the dogs' poop.” Falcó answered: “Hey, ma'am, I always pick them up. I just did it.” Her neighbors, upon arriving at the building, told her that “that woman yells at the children.” “She's fed up with them and everything. It's to tell her: 'Hey, that's what it's like to live in a neighborhood community, that we have to live together' (laughs)”, he says in the interview, with sarcasm.

Likewise, Ana Boyer's sister affirms that her attic is a great place to live with Onieva, with whom she feels very comfortable despite the typical couple arguments: “There are times when I need my hours in between of sleep to see things differently, to wake up and say: 'Well, it's not that bad.' Anyway, we try not to talk about certain things late at night. We have decided that together. In the end, you don't want to sleep angry or you don't rest the same. “You have to choose the right time to talk about things.”