Tamara Falcó “removes” kilos based on photoshop but Íñigo Onieva exposes her for this blunder

There are people who seem to live to show off and, in this lot, perhaps we could include Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva, who during these days have filled their social networks with images of their vacations in Bali. The two have taken a great trip to Indonesia just three months before their wedding and it seems that they have not taken their eyes off their mobile phone. All for show.

The Marquise de Griñón and her fiancé entered the forest and captivated the camera with a spectacular selfie that they took at sunset. In another photo they described this trip as “The Hooney Moon” (the honeymoon, although it is actually the pre-honeymoon). Of his walks and his plans we did not miss a single detail. Who was going to tell both of them a few months ago, when Tamara broke off her engagement with the businessman after the video of him kissing another woman at a Nevada festival was released.

The followers of Isabel Preysler’s daughter have noticed another detail. The two have uploaded an image on a motorcycle and, in the one shared by her, the daughter of Carlos Falcó appears with a few kilos less. Nuria Marín, presenter of socialiteechoed this and provided another curious piece of information: “It must be said that Tamara not only photoshopped herself. She also photoshopped her churri, putting it to ‘mazao'”.

On July 8 they will give each other the expected “yes, I want to”. It will be one of the great media events of the year in regards to the social chronicle. Since she pardoned Onieva in December of last year, Tamara has given details of the preparation. The dress is made by Sophie et Voilà and promises to surprise, since she herself confessed that her mother did not understand the concept of design at first.