Tamara Falcó relives her worst nightmare: her husband's messages to a well-known influencer, revealed

The Marchioness of Griñón has lived this 2023 on a roller coaster: she began by reconciling with Inigo Onieva After discovering that he had been unfaithful to her, she said “I do” in the month of July and now, about to enjoy her first Christmas as a married woman, her worst nightmare comes knocking again. This time, she has a first and last name: Carolina Moura.

She is a young influencer with just over 200,000 followers on IG and who appeared on television as a temptress on the reality show. The island of temptations. In his last interview, he revealed that Iñigo Onieva sent him private messages while he was boyfriend Tamara Falco: “He wrote to me a lot of times,” he said.

The young woman claims that she did not know who the engineer was: “He was trying to get me but I didn't know who he was. He was simply an uncle The influence show. “My mother is very gossipy and one day we started talking and she asked me if I knew who Tamara was. I looked for her because she was gossiping, because I didn't even know who Tamara was. Imagine. And I saw that the guy had written to me a lot of times” . Of course, the marchioness can rest assured: “He talked to me and talked, but he did it alone. I never answered him.”

Moura's revelation is a new wrinkle in the wheel of the Onieva-Falcó, who have already had their first marital fight. The reason? Where will they spend these first Christmases as married couples? The winner, of course, was Tamara: “This year we spent two days with my family. Next time we will be with Iñigo's,” she said.