Tamara Falcó recounts the “desmadre” at her bachelorette party: from the cod costume to the Martian stripper

The Marquise de Griñón enjoyed a bachelorette party in Portugal last weekend. Organized by her closest circle of friends (including Ana Boyer), she visited the beach and the Sanctuary of Fátima, as she herself showed on social networks. But it wasn’t all sunshine and prayers: “There were moments of riot.”

To begin with, her friends wanted to dress her up: “Since we were going to Portugal, they wanted to dress me up as cod at the airport. They said that this way, in addition, we went unnoticed with the paparazzi. But how am I going to go unnoticed dressed as a cod? In the end I convinced them not to do it,” he said. Tamara Falco this thursday in the anthill. “I didn’t care that it wasn’t coolbut it was very uncomfortable.”

Apart from the visit to Fatima (with which not all the friends agreed), the farewell included the typical bachelorette games: “They did the compatibility test with Íñigo and I did quite well. Except for recognizing the parts of her body, who always confused me with Antonio, my friend’s husband, “she said with a laugh.

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The party got out of hand on Saturday night: “We went to dinner at a place that put on a very strange show, it looked like a madhouse. There was a lady with sunglasses who pushed us with our coats, a guy with a green face who brought me the bridal bouquet and then got naked… Very rare. But we had a very good dinner and then the drinks, of course,” he revealed.