Tamara Falcó makes cash with her pre-honeymoon: advertising and expenses paid?

The Marquise de Griñón and her fiancé have enjoyed an exotic Easter in Indonesia. Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva they have exchanged processions and religious services for the luxury of an exclusive resort in Bali and Nihi, hoods for bikinis and candles for mojitos. A pre-honeymoon that also seems to have been completely free in exchange for publicity, judging by the latest publications on their social networks.

“Nihi’s motto is ‘On the edge of the wild’. Indeed, that is what this paradise is, which connects the best of a culture like that of Indonesia with the absolute luxury of Asia. Thanks to our friend and expert in viajes @nombre-de-la-agencia for organizing this experience that, without a doubt, has been one of the most enriching of my life”, Tamara wrote this Wednesday along with a carousel of images.

With a million and a half followers on Instagram and her wedding just around the corner, Tamara lets herself be loved by brands, in this case a luxury travel agency. Some of her do not pay for her services with checks but with her own services, something with which the marquise is very familiar: she has already acted as an ambassador for the real estate company that she built her penthouse, where she will live with Onieva once they get married. It is also a common practice not only with the daughter of Isabel Preysler, but with many influencers, such as Victoria Federica (who was free in Ibiza in the summer) or Anabel Pantoja (she spent the summer in Menorca in exchange for advertising on networks).

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Falcó and his boy have boasted these days of landscapes, scooter rides, infinity pools and even a show of wild horses bathing in the sea. Something that, by the way, many of the businesswoman’s followers have criticized: “I don’t see so much luxury fun if I see so much poverty around me. Sorry, I’m not signing up”, “Yes, I totally agree: Asian luxury and also Asian misery “, “And you, who boasts of being a Catholic, have you lived Easter this way?”, they say.