Tamara Falcó goes out of her way and reveals the details of the wedding between Khali El Assir and Franco: when, how and with whom

The Marchioness of Griñón traveled to Qatar this weekend to visit her brother Enrique and enjoy one of his massive concerts. But her journey hid something else: “On Monday I had a wedding in Abu Dhabi”, has revealed this Thursday. It is the link of Khali El Assir and Juan Jose Francothat so secret that no one knew when it was going to be held or if it had already been done. Tamara Falco He has gone out of his way and has clarified all our doubts.

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“A lifelong friend who is like my sister was getting married and nothing, I went there and very well. All phenomenal,” he said in The Anthill. The link was relatively discreet, due to the legal problems of the father of the bride, and only close friends and relatives attended, for whom they reserved several hotels and leisure centers, duly protected by the godfather’s security team, Abdul Rahman El Assir.

Another of the great unknowns about the event was the attendance of Don Juan Carlos, a close friend of El Assir and a resident of Abu Dhabi. Tamara was discreet with the answer: “What if I saw the emeritus? It could be… Maybe…”he said with a smile that tried to be mysterious but was more affirmative than anything else. “Did the king greet you?” asked the ants. “I’m going to keep quiet…” she settled.

The bride and groom: Khali and Juan José

The bride, Khali, is the daughter of the arms manufacturer Abdul Rahman El Assir (target of Interpol for several tax crimes) and the Spanish María Fernández Longoria. Married in 1985 in Notre Damme (Paris), they had three children: Alia, Khali and Adil. They grew up in Madrid, in the elite neighborhood of Puerta de Hierro, where they forged a very close friendship with the daughters of Isabel Preysler, with whom they shared school and vacations in Mustique (the island where Ana Boyer and Fernando Verdasco got married). Khali studied at New York University and has developed her career in high-end real estate.

The groom, Juan José, is the son of Francis Franco, Francisco Franco’s eldest grandson, and María Suelves, daughter of the Marquises of Tamarit, separated since 1990 after nine years of marriage. Juan José moves in Madrid’s high society and is the founder of Hunster, a company that organizes hunts in Spain, Africa and Argentina.