Tamara Falcó ‘escapes’ from Buchinger and skips her diet: hamburger and chorizo ​​sandwich

The Marquise de Griñón had been in the Marbella center for three days where she received a detox treatment when she decided to go out to visit a friend. Tamara Falcowho had stoically endured 72 hours of purifying broths and teas, could not resist the temptation and ended the night between hamburgers and chorizo ​​sandwiches.

This is confirmed by the neighbor of this friend, who saw Tamara enter the house last Wednesday. An hour later, the delivery man from a well-known company knocked on his door to deliver an order: “I asked him what he had and he told me that some hamburgers from a well-known restaurant here, and some chorizo ​​and loin sandwiches. I told him that I I hadn’t asked for it and that 4ºB was the floor next door, where Tamara was”, said this person in Save me. “It caught my attention because it was a lot of food and only my neighbor and Tamara were in that house.”

You have to remember that The marquise has entered the clinic with very specific conditions, since it is common for patients to disconnect from the outside during treatment. This is not the case of Tamara, who this Thursday returns to Madrid to participate in the anthill. His ‘enclosure’ is not strict, he has freedom of movement and also communicative, because although their activity on social networks has decreased, it has not completely ceased. This Wednesday, she congratulated her fiancée on her birthday and this Thursday she remembered the day she went with her sister, Ana Boyer, and her mother to choose the wedding dress for the first.

Tamara’s objective with her time at the clinic It is not losing weight but purifying the body and preparing for your big day: hair treatments, beauty, massages… She also assured that she was very upset by the comments about her weight and the kilos that she supposedly had to lose before July 8 to be able to wear Carolina Herrera’s fabulous wedding dress: “If they are making it to measure, what does it matter how many kilos I have”, said. “Íñigo has not been asked if he is going to lose weight.”