Tamara Falcó does not want stories: she breaks “all kinds of bridges” with Íñigo Onieva despite his cries

There is no forgiveness worth. regret is worthless Tamara Falcowho is not willing to give a second chance to Inigo Onieva. So much so that the daughter of Isabel Preysler He has distanced himself from everything that united him.

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“She does not have any kind of contact with him, nor with anyone who is related to him. She has broken all kinds of bridges that communicated with him,” explains a source close to Tamara in the magazine. Week. The Marquise’s environment is clear: “No possibility of reconciliation, there is no option. That is not going to happen.”

Carlos Falcó’s daughter announced her engagement to the businessman of the night on September 22 and just one day later a video of the car designer kissing another woman at a Florida festival was already circulating on social networks.

The businessman then lied to his girl and also to the press. A few hours later, when he couldn’t take it anymore, he confessed to Tamara and the engagement was broken. So, he took refuge in the family home and on October 9 he reappeared at a mini-press conference that he called under the advice of Cristina Cifuentes’s former chief of staff.

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Despite Onieva’s public forgiveness, Tamara has not given him a second chance and is not willing to give it to him. The truth is that since they began their relationship in 2020, the rumors about the loyalty of Íñigo, who has moved to Madrid’s Golden Mile after the breakup, have been constant. Until everything exploded into the air.