Tamara Falcó contacted two bridal firms a week ago to talk about her wedding dress

Tamara Falco She is not an ordinary person and we are not saying this just because of her peculiar way of smiling at 41 years of age, nor because she is a Marchioness, nor because she inherited a palace or because she has eight siblings from three different fathers and three mothers. Tamara is unusual, especially because of the way she talks about her and specifically because of her pathological tic of saying “I mean” instead of blinking. I mean, Tamara, I mean. We could say that the life of the daughter of Isabella Preysler It gives for a series if it weren’t for the fact that Netflix already realized a long time ago and made one for it. But it gives for much more, that is.

The chapter on the wedding dress (the dresses, because the Basque firm that sent her to Parla prepared two) and the new row from the Marquise arrives like rain in May because between Ana ObregonThe end of Save me y Shakira We were forgetting that this lady is getting married in less than two months. In fact, we hardly listened to the fiancée of Inigo Onieva when he hit a cookie (of course on TV) to dislodge his ankle. What times! This is not what it was. An influencer falls into the anthill and it’s not even the cover of Hola. What audacity!

On the other hand, the drama of a bride who is left without a dress 50 days after getting married is sure to give more. The dressmakers who have sent their most famous client to the sack say that Tami wanted them to copy a Chanel by Lagerfeld and that they do not copy. The daughter of Carlos Falco says that she distinguishes between copy and inspiration. She’s learning a lot from her hummingbird boyfriend, Tamara. Íñigo Onieva said when she was caught eating her mouth with a brunette that they were images from the past. As ingenious as when Nero was caught on top of a Roman and said he was weighing himself.

Tamara, that is; that is, Tamara, explains in Hola, that is, in her ‘revis’, that everything is a lie and that she tells the truth. In other words, the designers are liars. It is ideal that the name of Tamara Falcó be reborn from her ashes thanks to this. In other words, Sophie et Voilà is a Spanish firm based in Bilbao that was going to dress her on her most important day. However, on July 8, Tamara, unless she reconciles as with her boyfriend’s party animal, will not wear the Basque design, which in a statement has announced that they will not disguise their Chanel bridal creations and have broken their agreement with Tamara “as a consequence of the breach of contract by Mrs. Falcó.” “From the beginning, we have put all our efforts to make you feel like the most beautiful bride of the year, taking care of every detail and listening to your ideas. We understand the importance of capturing the essence of our brides’ concepts and inspirations and, as usual, in most cases we start from an inspiration of other designs that we combine with the style of Sophie et Voilà and the to know how to do of the first level professionals of this company. However, we have a deep respect for the artistic creation of other colleagues and our business ethics prevent us from trespassing certain limits that would endanger the original authorship of the design,” reads his statement. In other words, go to hell.

Tamara, who had ignored the firm’s notices and communications, says she did not expect things to happen like this. In other words, she had chosen some professionals with care and affection and, in the end, clearly, things have not turned out as she expected. “I just found out from the media. I had no idea and never thought we would get to this point. In fact, we were working, at least on our part, on an understanding,” says the Marquise.

In other words, the designers are lying in their statement, in which they affirm that they were asked to plagiarize a design and that they did not want to. “I categorically deny that this is true. Let’s see, how am I going to ask them to do something like that if I am the first to dedicate myself to fashion? I have the utmost respect for designers and all work related to the profession, especially since work with Pedro del Hierro”, repeats in Hola, that is, in his ‘revis’. “Copying is one thing and working with inspiration is another, which is a common creative process in all designers who taught me even at the Marangoni school, where I studied. You learn that a creative process drinks from many sources of inspiration and what I transferred to them were my inspirations without the intention of them copying a design”. I mean, inspiration.

“I have to start everything from scratch. I am very sorry because what had to be a super special and exciting moment of choosing the dress and trying it on had turned into a conflict full of moments of tension. The process had been totally distorted but, Even so, I didn’t think we were going to get here. So I thank Sophie et Voilà for all their good wishes that they conveyed to me in their statement, but they have left me what is said composed and without a dress, “he concludes.

Well then. In Informalia it arrives that at least a week ago “Tamara contacted two well-known firms to discuss the possibility of making two dresses for her wedding”. But there is more: “He came to talk about deadlines and money because not only does he not want to pay for the models but he wants to charge for the promotion”. The source who tells us this also assures that Íñigo Onieva and Isabel Preysler are aware of everything and that there is “an important means of communication” involved in the signature change. In other words, there is money involved. Tamara will deny it in the anthill, the sea, charging. The sea.

It has “28 proposals” new

The issue is serious because, as Tamara herself has revealed to her friend Cristina Pardo, “the lawyers have had to get involved, unfortunately. The comments have hurt me a lot, it was not appropriate and it has been very painful.” And she added: “My lawyers have told me to be calm, that I have not breached any contract, they have breached it. They have already sent a legal requirement”. Although according to And now Sonsoles, two weeks ago Falcó’s lawyers sent an email to the firm Sophie et voilà to inform them of the termination of their agreement: “Tamara’s lawyers contacted the designers saying that the intention was not to continue with the design of the suit. The situation was left up in the air because Tamara did not respond to the messages or calls from the designers, who have settled the employment relationship this Tuesday. A version that would deny Tamara’s argument and reinforces that of the brand: “The truth is the only one that lasts over time,” said those responsible.

What is clear is that Tamara will not go naked to her wedding with Iñigo Onieva because the resignation of the Basque firm has generated a rain of offers in Villameona this Tuesday: “Since they have left me lying I already have 28 proposals to make my dress. Both national and international proposals”said the marquise in Ten minutes. Among them would be the firm Pedro del Hierro, the same one for which she works and which offered to dress her from the outset: “It did not sit well with them that she opted for Sophie et voilà but now they are willing to enter the race again for the most famous dress of the year”, they said in And now Sonsoles.