Tamara Falcó confirms that she left her wedding guests hungry: “Dinner was light”

Tamara Falco He returned to work this Thursday at the anthill after his honeymoon and his travels around the world with Inigo Onieva. After resting soundly during these two months, Isabel Preysler’s daughter has given details of her wedding on the set of Paul Motorcycles. Her fellow socialists, Juan del Val and Nuria Roca, have insinuated that they were hungry during the wedding, and she has not denied it. In Informalia we already anticipate that the guests were not satisfied with the menu.

On the one hand, the Marquise de Griñón has spoken about the dress that she wore during the ‘Yes, I want’, which was too criticized on social networks for its excessively traditional cut: “The dress was complicated, but Íñigo loved it. For the dance I had to change it.”

For his companions in the gathering, the ceremony took longer than a day without bread. For her, it was a seen and not seen: “The ceremony flew by for me. The music was very beautiful live.”

The ceremony, in part, was lengthened by the speeches of the two families: “My family is very fond of giving speeches, but on Onieva’s side they competed.” In addition, there was also “a speech in English” because “there was a lot of foreigners”: “My brother continued in Spanish, I asked him to.”

One of the most surreal moments, as it turned out, came when the priest’s clothes caught fire because of some candles: “That happened in the end and it turned off my sister-in-law. Nothing happened to her hands.”

What was not known until now is that the occasional guest was hungry during dinner. “There were 20 different types of appetizers”, but dinner “was light”, as Juan del Val and Nuria Roca have commented. Then at dinner there was not too much food, because Tamara wanted something quick: “Íñigo only wanted a cocktail and I told him to have a quick dinner.” And that the food was served by Eneko Atxa, a Basque chef with five Michelin stars. In Informalia we already advanced that the guests were not very satisfied with the menu. “People jumped on the bread,” they confessed to us.

The comments and opinions that reached us spoke of “raw food”, even the one that was cooked, “undercooked, a disappointment”, they explained to us. “The appetizer was good, but dinner was a disaster.”