Tamara falcó breaks down when remembering her father: “He was my confidant, he was always there”

Tamara Falco This Wednesday he gave his first interview to Telecinco (In the musical of your life) after her long-awaited wedding with Inigo Onieva. During the space presented by Carlos Sobera, the Marchioness of Griñón received a surprise from her now husband. Also, she remembered, along with the presenter, the death of her father, Carlos Falco.

From a distance, and when asked: Does Tamara deserve a musical?, Íñigo surprised the daughter of Isabel Preysler with: “She deserves a tribute because she is my wife and she deserves everything. It is a nice tribute because her life has been full of challenges, of adventures that are surely a source of inspiration for many people,” he assured. At these words, the socialite responded with some astonishment: “Thank you, my love.”

After recalling the comings and goings of her relationship with the businessman, Tamara spoke openly about her father, Carlos Falcó, who died during the fateful pandemic as a result of the coronavirus.

“My father got up every morning to improve the world and make it better for everyone. My father was a very good father. He was great, he always supported all of us brothers equally, he was wonderful. He was also my confidant. He told me gave the greatest advice of my life, about the marquisate: a title does not belong to you, it is an ancient oak that you must leave in very good condition for the next one,” Falcó confessed.

Regarding the death of her father, the Marchioness of Griñón, with a broken voice, acknowledged: “He did not die alone, but accompanied by his eldest daughter. Xandra Falcon“. Likewise, he confessed: “I miss him very much. He has been a great father. When he separated from my mother, my father and I spent a lot of time together in the countryside during the weekends, which was when I could see him. He was great, he was wonderful. We are five brothers and he has always supported us all.”

“My father was my confidant. I told my father everything. There was not a recital that he skipped, a father’s day… He was always there. He was one of those people who got up every day to change the world and to make it better for everyone,” he concluded.