Tamara Falcó annoys the paparazzi again: the strategy of the marquise influencer

She is not willing to let anyone earn money at her expense after her reconciliation with Inigo OnievaNot even your friend magazine. Because, Tamara Falco, as soon as he discovered that on his trip to Prague there were paparazzi trying to immortalize his romantic trip, he uploaded his most personal album to networks. We cannot affirm that she did it to annoy them, but she destroyed her exclusive by giving away the images that the photographers were looking for, ostensibly reducing the value of the report that they were trying to ‘steal’ from Onieva and her. And to round off her move, she cashed in by labeling and therefore advertising her outfits and the hotel where she and her boyfriend stayed, which coincidentally belonged to a friend of hers. She first released ballast (images) of her boyfriend, taking some photos without much relevance but that could have served as bait. But the Marquise de Griñón, as soon as she detected the presence of reporters, released her most personal album.

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The paparazzi, of course, have done their job despite everything and we will probably see it this Wednesday in a magazine but, of course, already for a much lower value than it would have if the daughter of Isabella Preysler I would not have posted anything.

This Tamara strategy is new. She has not been one to spoil the work of others, but they tell us that at this point in her life she is not willing for anyone to make money with her image. She though she owes favors to the press.

He has already put his new ‘paparazzi scare’ method into practice in his first getaway after the reconciliation. So she and Iñigo moved to Finland. At the end of the world she didn’t expect to see any photographers, but they did show up. Hence, she published the most romantic images of her on Instagram.

This technique can make the agencies stop following it because moving teams to the places that Tamara and Íñigo travel is very expensive, and assuming these expenses given the high risk that Tamara will ‘gut’ the report destroys the ‘business model’ because it reduces notably the value of the ‘loot’. On the other hand, Tamara has redirected her appearances in the press, posing for magazines that are not from the heart, such as Harper’s Bazaarprioritizing the enhancement of its ‘brand’ over the exclusive check that magazines such as Hola. Of course, the cache of a bombshell like the wedding can only be paid for by headlines such as the greeting magazine, whose sales would multiply as long as the images of the ceremony and the party can only be seen in the weekly.

Some say that after her reconciliation with Iñigo, her brand image has deteriorated, but the reality is that Isabel Preysler’s daughter does not stop billing. In addition to continuing to lend her image to different companies, designing for another and working on the anthillthis same week we have reported that he also earns a good monthly income by renting El Rincón to Televisión Española to shoot the series The promise.

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For this reason, she and her older brother could be pocketing around 30,000 euros a month, according to reliable sources. And there is your wedding. With this great event, Tamara will surely finish off one of her most profitable years. In addition to the exclusive, the brands are raffling it off to be able to appear in the celebration, which if nothing changes, will be held in El Rincón. But first we can see her trying on wedding dresses, finalizing the preparations or posing with Iñigo to announce the date of the big day. A round business that will make her more millionaire if possible.