Tamara Falcó and the “love” bracelet that Íñigo gave her: the hidden meaning of the “nine rubies”

Like every Thursday Tamara Falco He went to his usual appointment with the anthill. In the gathering she, together with Nuria Roca, Juan del Val and Cristina Pardo, proudly showed off the bracelet that she gave her Inigo Onieva in the request for a hand, held last weekend in Villa Meona.

The Marquise de Griñón revealed surprising information about the jewel: “They are rubies, Íñigo’s uncle made it, handmade. It turns out that it is the stone of love and I did not know it,” Tamara explained, before Pablo’s watchful eye Motos and his companions, who are also invited to the wedding of the year.

All the details of the jewel are very well thought out and have a very special meaning for the daughter of Isabel Preysler and the late Carlos Falcó: “They have put one for each brother I have. We are nine in total, four on the father’s side and others four on the mother’s side.”

During the gathering, Enrique Iglesias’ sister also spoke of the marriage proposal: “We were very nervous but from the beginning there was a very good vibe. The door was already ringing at 9:01 p.m. for the Onieva, it is not the punctuality of the Preyslers. My sister was half an hour late and my mother when she could, it seemed like forever,” she said with a laugh.

According to Tamara, everyone had a great time and there were no bad faces or bad vibes. In addition, the party was enlivened by a music group: “There was music by surprise. A group ‘got in’ and not even my mother knew it. Everyone blamed themselves but it was Íñigo and my cousin.” The car designer did not miss a single detail, and that the request was held at someone else’s house: “He brought some mixologists and the wait was not long at all.”

Isabel Preysler also gave her all so that her daughter did not lack for anything during this special day. She lent him the best of her china: “It’s worth mentioning that my mother has a china room. They were hand-painted, all different. They were Uncle Miguel’s [Boyer]real gems.”

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During the night they did not forget the Marquis de Griñón, who died in March 2020 from Covid at the Fundación Jiménez Díaz University Hospital in Madrid: “We also put my father’s wine on,” added Tamara.

Tamara, who gave her lover a Patek Philippe watch valued at 50,850 euros, and Íñigo will say “yes, I do” on July 8. All if until then new scandals do not break out like the one a few months ago, when the video of Onieva kissing another woman at a festival in Nevada came to light. At the wedding, the marquise will be dressed as Sophie et Voilà.