Tamara Falcó and Iñigo Onieva return from a spiritual retreat with a date and place for their wedding

The Marquise de Griñón and the public relations officer have been carrying their suitcases for weeks. On their social media profiles they have shared their getaways to Lapland and Prague, but between one and the other they have also enjoyed a retreat for couples that has helped them strengthen their faith and make an important decision: the date of their wedding.

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Although Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva they considered delaying it to September, finally they will keep the initial date to give themselves the desired “yes, I do”. That is, the June 17. A day that they already had reserved at the El Rincón palace where they are going to celebrate it and that they never managed to unlock, despite their breakup in September and the three months of separation, according to The world.

Some pointed out that the bride wanted to change all the details of the wedding (including the ring) because of the bad luck, but her desire was stronger and she was not willing to delay the most important day of her life because of a superstition. Tamara’s dream is to get married in the el rincon palacethat his father bequeathed to his five children and that Manolo (the eldest of all) and Tamara bought the rest (Xandra, Aldara and Duarte) to be sole owners.

Carlos Falcó spent long periods of time in this small palace located in Aldea del Fresno and even then he rented it for important events. It is a romantic setting for weddings (it has a full 2023 agenda) and also a magnificent film location: series such as Red Eagle or movies like the national shotgun o As long as the war lasts. Right now, as we published this Monday, El Rincón is rented for the filming of The promisea TVE series, an activity that brings in around 30,000 euros a month to its two owners.