Tamara Falcó, after rumors of crisis with Iñigo Onieva: “I don't have to put up with this”

The Marchioness of Griñón is in the eye of the hurricane after information that points to a crisis in her marriage with Inigo Onieva. This Thursday, during his intervention in the program The Anthilldid not comment on the information and has attacked the press from which she herself lives: “There is a lot of news that is a lie. There are journalists behind me telling me outrageous things about my family, my husband… I don't have to put up with that.”

Tamara Falco She assures that she is very overwhelmed by the media interest she arouses and that she herself feeds with her exclusives (very well paid) to her leading magazine: “I try not to let this overwhelm me. I have moved to a place where I drive my car, “No one has access to me, I have the gym in the building… I don't hide but I do protect myself.” And she added: “It's one thing to be asked for a photo and another to be harassed. There are people who believe they have the right to look at you from the street with binoculars. I could sue them, but I don't want to waste energy on that.”

The aristocrat has revealed that being famous is an ordeal for her and has compared her job to that of a waiter: “No one asks a waiter for a portion of calamari when he walks down the street, because I also want to have a normal life when I leave the television”, has said. “Many times you can't even walk. I've gone to mass on a Sunday surrounded by flashes.”

Your conversation partner, Cristina Pardo, has tried to provide another point of view to the situation: “I do not agree with harassment, but we must remember that the journalists who are on the street have not chosen to be there, bosses do. They are workers” . To which Tamara, bluntly, responded: “Well, let them dedicate themselves to something else.” Finally, she pointed out: “I have them divided into two classes: the paparazzi and the artichoke ones. The first ones are far away and you don't even see them. The second ones are the worst.”