Takioullah, another of Al Thani's bombings, leaves after playing 28 'with the subsidiary

We were carefully reading an information published in El Desmarque Málaga where it was said that Youssef Takioullah ceased to belong to the discipline of Atlético Malagueño, the Málaga subsidiary. This data would have been more or less unnoticed, if it had not been for this footballer was another of the super phenomena that arrived at La Rosaleda thanks to the infallible clinical eye and unique smell of that genius called Abdullah Al Thani.

“The Youssef Takioullah bomb”. With this phrase, Al-Thani announced, back in September 2018, the arrival by imposition of the Qatari for Atlético Malagueño from an absolutely unknown end and that he landed from Moroccan football. The Desmarque Málaga is recreated in the memory when recalling such a spectacular operation. The joke cost 300,000 euros that resented the club's salary limit and the patience of the then sports director, José Luis Pérez Caminero. “We had money, but it was spent on a player from the quarry and that has affected the first team” in the presentation by Erik Morán. The reality is that, two years later, Al Thani's bomb goes off after playing only 28 minutes. That is to say. 10,714 euros per minute. An amount that should be similar to what is spent by the idle sons of the file sheikh on a racecourse and tea.

He began at the orders of Dely Valdés, who ate the brown, and he did it only in training, since he had no token on arrival because there was no one available although this did not matter to the sheik. Later, Manolo Sanlúcar, who replaced the Panamanian, was very clear in this regard: “It is difficult for him to keep up with the pace of training. When I analyze it well, I see that what we have here does not improve at all. I think it does not have the level that it is now We need ourselves, and that's it. ”

On top, Al Thani came up on Twitter, of course. “Where's the talented player Youssef Takioullah“He came to debut with Sergio Pellicer, to see if he did anything … it was against Melilla for a mess of chips and because the game was resolved. Since then, nothing. Yet another example of how expensive the horrific president / tweeter interference was at the club. None of its sponsored has succeeded.

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