Suspicions grow over the death of Albert Solà, the king’s illegitimate son: the bar camera where he collapsed was manipulated

Almost a week ago Albert Solà, the Catalan waiter who claimed for decades to be the illegitimate son of the King Juan Carlos, collapsed dead in a bar where he had just met a friend. Only a few hours later, he was scheduled to participate in the program Who is my father?, where he intended to reveal new details about his family history. Chance has set off the alarms and, waiting for the autopsy ordered by the judge of La Bisbal, new details shed more information about what happened that fateful night. For example, that the camera of the place where she died was manipulated.

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The new program Charlotte Sliding has investigated what happened and they have obtained remarkable information, for example, the images from the security camera of the bar where he died. In them, the local waitress appears attending to her mobile phone while she goes to the camera and diverts the lens, which goes from focusing on the customers to looking towards a corner. This movement, carried out 50 minutes before Solà’s death, prevents it from being recorded. When the target returns to its original position, only the emergency services can be seen lifting the corpse.

And not only that. People close to Solà assure that Albert felt persecuted and spied on for a couple of weeks: “That night, moreover, Albert did not plan to go to that bar. Something made him change his mind just a few minutes before,” they affirmed. Eduard, his boss, can’t believe it: “He was perfect, in very good health, very lively. He was afraid of the program, he was nervous and he hadn’t slept for days.”