Suso: “I felt I had many options to go to the Euro Cup”

How is Suso going through this confinement with the coronavirus?

I live it with the family together, we don't leave home. I have a small garden and there I am with the child many times. And we have to train, of course, although running on the treadmill is a bit monotonous. But when these things happen, football takes a back seat.

And the situation affects you almost twice, after so many years in Italy.

No one imagined that it would have such an impact. But in Spain there is a very good Health. In Milan they have no place even for the sick, that is critical. Musacchio's family, for example, left for Spain a week earlier and he is in Italy only as one.

In the merely sporty, does this break come at the worst moment, for the good form with which you had started at Sevilla?

It hurts us all. It's not good for players to stop, and before LaLiga resumes it will take something like a preseason. It is impossible to go out and get fully into the competition week.

And the Euro Cup, suspended. Did you hope to go?

Luis Enrique almost always counted on me and I feel that he had a good chance of playing it. But first of all there is the health of the people.

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* Data updated as of March 20, 2020

Lopetegui summoned him in the lower ones and made him debut in the Absolute. He likes that you are a modern extreme, who goes inside.

The good thing is to read every moment. Julen likes to start from a fixed scheme but then give as much freedom as possible. Although it is true that I usually leave the lane to the right side. I'm not a pure extreme.

And go to the side with which you share the right wing: Jesús Navas.

He is more like an end, a 'false side' I tell him. 34 years? Well, it's very fresh and always trains hard.

He has been away from home for 10 years, since he was 16. In Liverpool, in Almería, in Milan, in Genoa … Cut that?

What hardest is going so young from Cádiz to Liverpool, two opposite places. And also you eat things alone, because I left without the family. The important thing is to be willing to learn. In England there is much more physical and more rhythm; Italy is a very tactical football; and Spain has a little bit of everything. Here the qualitative level is much better.

Are you the typical carnival 'gadita' from La Caleta?

Do not (laughs) My parents tell me that I am a gaditano from Bilbao. Monchi, who loves Carnival, asked me if I liked it. I said no and he hasn't asked me anymore. The beach does suit me.

How does it feel to return to kilometers from your native Cádiz?

This is a joy! My parents can take the car, come to Seville and then come back … And I have never been able to experience Spanish football like this; in Almería he was too young.

In Milan it exploded, but now he played little. What happens to such a big club?

There I have been with three presidents, several coaches, dozens of players … It is difficult to start something solid. Every year when you start it is completely different.

In his career many assists come out. Is he more of a passer than a scorer?

Yes, I don't deny it. I love leaving the teammate alone in front of the goalkeeper. Scoring goals is the most difficult but generating game has a special magic.

That left-handed …

The left-handed is standard, says my mother. There are footballers to whom God gave the physique and I gave this leg.

And from Seville, what do you expect? Monchi dreams of discussing a title for Madrid and Barça.

I hope to play the Champions League, which would be beautiful. And win something, of course. Also being able to stay here, hopefully that happens. Regarding the greats, with work, passion and intensity the distances are shortened. Monchi made the transition very well this year at Sevilla.