Susanna Griso’s affectionate message to Jorge Javier Vázquez after announcing his withdrawal from television

After days of uncertainty and speculation about what was happening to him after he “disappeared” from the small screen, himself Jorge Javier Vazquez announced through a publication on his Instagram profile his temporary withdrawal from television.

“I need to stop to take care of myself. To ask myself what I want. If I have it clear. Right now, going back is the last thing on my mind, although it may be what I most want tomorrow. So for now I can only say ‘Goodbye ‘”, wrote the one from Badalona.

As expected, his sudden departure has been highly commented among his followers on social networks, but his colleagues have also shown their affection and sent messages of support. Susanna Griso has been one of them.

The presenter of the Mediaset competition chain keeps good memories of her colleague: “I have coincided a lot when he was in Taste Of You and we put on makeup at the same time. At that time I worked at noon and he came in early in the afternoon and he was very fond of him. Then we’ve seen each other a couple of times, I’ve gone to his play, I wish him the best.”

“I want to think that this withdrawal will serve him to produce many things, many dreams that he had pending, he will continue dedicating himself to the theater and perhaps to future television projects, sometimes, it is true that, he says it himself, it is convenient to stop at reflect. I hope he gains energy and helps him dream,” added the journalist.

Vázquez has already been out for three weeks and from his program, Save me, they have asked him to make an effort to be with them on June 23, the date on which they will close their 14 years on the air. “On the 23rd you have to make an effort, I know you’re out because you’re not feeling well, but you have to be here because I, all my teammates and all the people in Spain need you”, Belén Esteban told him from the set.